Monday, June 9, 2008

Sumbit Your Photo Now

So what do you think about this story? Howie Altholtz, Boston attorney and marketing director at Ruberto, Israel, and Weiner PC wants to publish a glossy pinup calendar featuring attractive male and female attorneys to benefit charity, that is, the Greater Boston Legal Services. Altholtz developed a website (Beautiful Lawyers) through which pinup hopefuls can submit their photographs, or photographs of others, for review and possible publication in the calendar.

The ABA Journal posted a piece (no pun intended) commenting on Altholtz's intriguing idea for raising money for a good cause. A sharp (but post-feminist) comment by attorney Ellen Barshevsky set the tone for some great discussion:
Why do WE always have to be objectivized? You know these men only want to see pretty women in skimpy bathing suits , and I’ll bet most of the men will be dressed to the nine’s in their 6 piece suits. Also, why is it that these people are focusing on physical beauty, when it is our MINDS that differentiate us from other bimbos. I went to law school to be a professional, not to show off my body to anyone. I would NOT buy this calendar product, even though it purports to be gender neutral and for a good cause. Face it, without pretty WOMEN, no one will buy it to see the guys. Women should NOT be viewed as MEAT.
So what do you think? Good fun or another blatant exploitation of the beautiful female (and male?) form?

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