Sunday, July 12, 2009

Conservative Bias Alive and Well

Conservative bias is alive and well. Being one myself (a conservative, that is) I support tax breaks for business, strict constructionism, outlawing abortion, prayer in schools, limited government, and yes, even the U.S.-Mexico border fence. I voted for George W., Sarah Palin, and I don't believe water-boarding is necessarily torture. However, my life as a defense lawyer has brought me into contact with the underside of our affluent, gluttonous society. Many on the underside are from other countries, other cultures, other ethnicities.

Cultural sensitivity was the theme of several posts of late. Not really a conservative tag-line, but a required mindset for those taking oaths to zealously defend the criminally accused. Following my post about the Mexican national whom we recently defended, I received the following anonymus comment:

What utter nonsense! How far do you think we should take this cultural sensitivity? Should we allow rural Nigerians to stone witches to death like they do in their home country? How about honor killings, that Muslims do when their women "dishonor" the family? Is that ok? How about polygamy? Any problems there? Should we allow Afghans to lock their women in the house and not allow them medical care or education? How about equal treatment under the law? That means that American 19 year olds don't get to boink 12 year old girls in this country, and neither does anyone else. I don't recall being a foreigner being a defense in the penal code. If the person is in the country legally, he took an oath to obey the laws, and if he isn't, then he needs his ass deported. Bottom line, if they come here, they need to obey our laws. No exceptions.

Following the short essay in which I used Billy Hayes as a preamble before discussing fair treatment of foreigners within the American criminal justice system, I got this comment after sharing facts about a Zimbabwean man I represented last year:

My attitude is short sighted? Why is that? So they were here on student visas, but she can't speak or understand English? Didn't that make it sort of hard for her to go to school? Or did they have Shona ESL for her? Hell, maybe abandoning their child wasn't really a crime, it was some sort of Zimbabwean cultural ritual? Maybe they were teaching the kid to find its way home by celestial navigation? Its always amazing to me how you libs that abhor the thought of America being a superpower or of being a world leader or of having the premier military in the world are always so anxious for us to be the super nanny state of the world and provide cradle to grave everything to everyone, regardless of whether they belong here or not or regardless of whether we can afford it or not. The only good thing about it is that American taxpayers are starting to get tired of their wallets being raped daily to pay for all this liberal crap. The easiest way to solve that problem would be to put the bunch on the nearest plane bound for Zimbabwe and get their visas revoked. End of our problem and it saves money too. And now you are going to whine about oh their rights might be violated. Wrong, having a student visa is not a right, its a privilege and it can be revoked at any time. Bottom line, if I break the law, I get arrested for it and my life is messed up bigtime. Foreigners that come over here legally and break it should be sent home as soon as possible. People here illegally need to do their 6 months federal time and then be criminally deported so they can get 20 years federal time if they get caught here again. I wonder if you have looked into those border areas where illegals caught are jailed for 6 months? Amazing how illegal border crossings in those areas have dramatically decreased. But I bet you would probably lose money representing these people if any of that happened, right? We have a duty to treat our own citizens fairly, and perhaps if we weren't shelling out to support the citizens of so many other countries, we might actually have the funds to take care of our own problems.
This is what we call law-and-order bias in our vernacular. Typically a conservative malady. However, I don't mean to suggest all conservatives suffer with this affliction. Quite a few lefties do, too. Nonetheless, a large part of my skill as Bryan|College Station defense lawyer is used to identify the bias and eliminate it with the all powerful peremptory strike or challenge for cause. I'm sad though, that so many closets are filled with these misconceptions. As a Bible thumping conservative, though, I'll take time to pray for their understanding.

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