Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rule #13: "Never Give Up, Never Surrender"

I didn't write this Rule for me, I wrote it for my friend. "Never Give Up, Never Surrender." I lived this Rule so she could see it in action. I wanted to show her the value of pushing forward . . . even in the face of certain defeat. I wanted her to learn about our professional responsiblity to fight until the end, until we had no more opportuntiy to fight, until we had no more energy to fight. She was the best I ever had. The brightest, the fastest, the one who made sure I was never attacked from behind. The one who made sure I did my best.

I wrote this Rule because I knew where she was going. She didn't know yet even though she thought she did. But I knew she was headed straight for hell-on-earth and I was trying to teach her how to survive there . . . to give her something to grasp when life seemed impossible to live. 

When she reads this she'll know it's about her. And she now understands about hell-on-earth. About fighting battles and wondering why she doesn't win. About doing her best, but coming up short. I know she's also learning we must often retreat and regroup . . . before we can attack again. That retreating is not giving up, it is not surrender. Sometimes we must retreat to find our energy and our center again. Our reason for pushing forward in the face of uncertainty, and even defeat. 

I won't allow her to quit because I understand her dream. I understand it because it was my dream, too. Because we all need someone pushing us from behind and pulling us from the front to get to our dream. There will be no giving up! There will be no surrender!

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