Friday, May 4, 2007

Integrity Still Counts

I was reminded today of the continuing value of personal integrity in the practice of criminal law. Integrity manifests itself in many different forms. Returning phone calls promptly, treating opposing parties with respect, and treating people the same way inside the courtroom as you treat them outside. Our personal integrity not only says something about who we are, it also reflects our respect and value of others.

When people know we value them, they often respond with random acts of kindness. My client benefited from such a random act of kindness today. Not because of something he did himself, but because of his defense lawyer's commitment to personal integrity and simple good manners. That random act of kindness will follow him the rest of his life - I am glad for him.

Value others and you will be known for your personal integrity. It does not happen overnight, but rather over the course of the years. It is wrapped up in consistency and a genuine love for others. It will not only add to the value of your own life, but will add immeasurable value to the good people we serve in our great profession.

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