Sunday, May 6, 2007

Pursuit of Excellence

The pursuit of excellence in criminal defense work is a daunting task. Excellence requires constant attention to detail and a healthy sense of perfectionism as we go about our daily tasks. Frequently, we may be discouraged when we fail to see the fruit of our labor. But the pursuit must go on nonetheless. Our clients deserve it since we never know when the payoff will occur.

Take, for instance, the case of a young client who was facing the threat of a driver's license suspension a few weeks ago. The police officers were subpoenaed and the proof of subpoena service was in the file - a testament to my hard-working process server and legal assistant. When we appeared for the hearing one of the officers failed to appear. The administrative judge asked for the proof of service and promptly dismissed the case against the client. Had the routine tasks of subpoena service and document filing been neglected - the client's driver's license would surely have been suspended. The young client's surprise and gratitude made the victory all the sweeter.

So press forward and develop a keen eye for excellence in criminal law practice. Our efforts will always bear fruit - even if we do not enjoy the shade from the tree we planted from seed. Remember someone will find refuge from the noonday sun under the leaves of that tree and be thankful you had the wisdom to plant it there.

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