Friday, December 14, 2007

Frisco DWI Lawyer Wins

Hunter Biederman, the Frisco DWI Lawyer, posted here about his recent victory following a jury trial on a .21o breathtest DWI. Hunter won this case, not because the jury acquitted his client, but because he soundly beat the plea offer from the prosecutor. Commenting on the assessment of punishment Hunter said:
For him[the client], it [getting less jail time] is a win. Of course, our goal was to be found not guilty, but we still achieved a better result than pleading guilty.
Taking a case like this to trial is gutsy, but necessary since the only way criminal defense lawyers get better at trying difficult cases is to try difficult cases. Even the ones that seem un-winnable.

Scott Greenfield lamented here about the failure of the federal criminal defense bar to be ready, willing and able to stand up to the government. However, with more defense lawyers like Hunter, prosecutors in Texas state court should be getting a run for their money.

Prosecutors aggressively file DWIs in Bryan and College Station, Texas. The best way to beat a DWI is not drink and drive. But if you get arrested, give the College Station DWI lawyer a call since, like the Frisco Kid, we fight the good fight here, too.

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