Monday, December 31, 2007

Reflecting on 2007

I'm not much for odd numbered years, but 2007 was simply wonderful. As I think back over the year, my family, friends, and work as a criminal defense lawyer are what come to mind.

My family grew and I couldn't be more proud. Each of my children are smart, good looking, and a blessing to those around them. I attribute most of this success to my wife. And as all parents understand, each of my children are individuals. Different strengths, weaknesses, and interests. But three things, among many, we each have in common - One is a love for Texas A&M basketball. Second is a fascination with Jack Bauer (of 24 fame). And third, is an affection for flat-screen plasma TVs with surround sound audio. It's amazing how many hours of the day evaporated this Christmas season sitting in front of a big screen TV with my finger on the trigger of a remote control.

I started "The Defense Perspective" in 2007. Blogging has been both a rewarding and profitable experience. As a result, I've made many new friends and I've enjoyed the interaction with each. Thanks to Mark, Scott, Gideon, Robert, Shawn, Anne, Jamie, and others for their "link love" this year. I hope I've adequately reciprocated. My goal for 2008 is to spread the "love" even further. Thanks, too, for the folks who stopped in from time to time to read and comment upon my ramblings.

My criminal defense practice grew in 2007. I attributed much of the growth to my blogging as it distinguished me from many of the other great lawyers in Bryan/College Station. My practice reaped so many benefits from the writing investment I made in the blog. Beyond this, the practice of law continued to challenge and reward me. Retooling, refining, and revamping was the order of the day in 2007. My systems improved in 2007 and I plan on riding this wave through 2008.

And one final thought on 2007, I'd say the keys to the year were risk-taking and perseverance. That is, the willingness to try new and innovative things. But more importantly, the willingness to stick to them, even when I couldn't see the forest for the trees.

No, I'm not much for odd numbered years. But 2007 will go down as one of my favorites.

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