Friday, January 16, 2009

Arrogance Raises Its Head Again in Brazos County

Precinct 3 Justice of the Peace, George Boyett, was recently admonished by the Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct after taking the law into his own hands by ordering a Texas A&M student into his courtroom following a traffic incident involving the judge and student.  It was the third admonishment received by the judge from the Judicial Conduct Commission.  (read the full story in the Bryan Eagle)  Judge Boyett's jurisdiction includes much of the Texas A&M campus and students attending the University should be aware of his public record for violating provisions of the Texas Code of Judicial Conduct.  

During the investigation of the current incident, Judge Boyett was found to have "acted in a manner that failed to promote public confidence in the judiciary."  Further, he was found to have "used the prestige of his office to advance his private interests."  And finally, he "did not act in a 'patient, dignified and courteous' manner toward those in his courtroom."  

Several of the comments on the newspaper's story are worth repeating:
"This is the type of behavior that gives public officials a bad reputation in general. I think a 3 strikes and you're out rule should be considered by State Commission on Judicial Conduct. Boyett clearly does not show the restraint necessary for any Judge. Talk about road rage. I am delighted to say I have never met this man. I hope that remains the case." 

"I have known this jerk for more years than I like to mention. He was a jerk from the begining and is still a jerk. He does not belong in a position of authority at any level. have you seen him in the film for defensive driving? It is a total embarrassment." 

"Boyett needs to be removed from office. He's notorious for his abuse of his position. There's certainly conflict of interest, as his office deals with a lot of landlord-tenant issues and guess what? He's a major owner of rental property in the northgate area. "

"This judge needs a good strong opponent to run him in the next election. He needs to be removed from office.
JP Boyett thinks he rules the world, or the part near him, anyway. It's not surprising he did as described. The wonder is he didn't try to jail someone. "
A justice of the peace is a public servant and member of the judicial branch of government, not the executive.  The job of the judiciary is to interpret the law, not enforce it. The bottom line? Judge Boyett has built a track record and reputation for arrogance and discourteous conduct toward those appearing before him.  I agree a strong opponent should run against him in 201o and bring his record to light for the public's evaluation. I know Judge Boyett attempts to bring a sense of strength and accountability to his courtroom by being tough.  But violating the rules of judicial conduct goes over the line, especially the 3rd time around. 


Anonymous said...

Here are the other two incidents, from the State Bar of Texas:

On June 5, the State Commission on Judicial Conduct issued a public admonition to George Boyett, justice of the peace, Precinct 3, College Station, Bryan County. The commission found that in one matter, a Texas Parks and Wildlife game warden had made a number of inquiries with Boyett’s staff regarding several alcohol-related citations the warden had issued. During a visit to Boyett’s office, Boyett instructed that the warden be escorted into the courtroom. In the courtroom, Boyett persisted in using the term “bird and turtle” when referring to the warden’s work, even though the warden had informed him that the term was insulting. A witness to the meeting stated that Boyett’s temper “flared,” and the witness confirmed the warden’s impression that he was not free to leave the courtroom while the judge was speaking to him.

In a second matter, a funeral home director made several efforts to secure a signed death certificate on behalf of a family. Boyett allowed his staff to improperly influence his conduct toward the funeral home director, which caused him to unreasonably and purposefully delay the signing of the death certificate. Boyett’s treatment of the funeral home director was found to be discourteous.

Boyett violated Article 5, §1-a(6)A of the Texas Constitution and Canons 2A, 2B, and 3B(4) of the Texas Code of Judicial Conduct.

Fred Hough, Esq. said...

I know George Boyette personally, although I don't like him. He lives right of of GWB Drive. I know his kid, too, Craig Boyette.

They're both bullies and never really face any actual accountability for their actions and decisions. Twice, Craig Boyette pulled me out of a car screaming and threatening to kill me. First, when I was a teenager starting classes at Blin Jr. College a year early because I dropped out of Consolidated High School, where I knew Boyette when he was a senior (through friends, I went to SFA in Bryan as a freshman when Boyette was a Senior. But of course, I remember them from boy scouts.

My brother was in troop 976 and I was just a cub scout and Boyette Sr..., well, lets just say we met then. Craig Boyette strolled around the place like he owned it because his daddy was the head cheese (mixed metaphor intended). It was essentially like lord of the flies experience for me. But my brother transferred to troop 802 and the bullying and harassing stopped until I started Jr. College at Blinn. He pulled me from my car as I was trying to leave a party at his home on Boyette street (who owns a home at 21 or 22?) he mangled my face pretty good and it wasn't fully repaired until I moved to NY.

The next time, I was still at Blinn Jr. College, but Boyette was a rookie cop this time. And his buddies were cops. I remember it vividly. I told him and his supervisors, "Im right here while you're discussing your cover up." They sent rookie Boyette to the emergency room to get his wounded fist and wrist fixed up because I assaulted him with the back of my head and the side of my face while in handcuffs with my face in the ground. It took four cops to get him off of me.

And I had been "safely" in the back of a CSPD cruiser when he ran up spitting and screaming that he was going to kill me. I was already in custody for their investigation.

Fat forward almost 20 years and every time I visit B/CS, I still get harassed. WHy is Craig still a cop? Why is his dad still a J.O.P.?

At any rate, I might be moving back to Texas to be closer to family and I'll have to share a town or a county with these people? No thanks.

Sorry for the long email, but I feel like I'll say what others won't about the Boyettes and their cronies. And what do I get in return? A punch in the face!

I suppose good deed goes unpunished.

At any rate, my contact info is attached and anyone can contact me during normal business hours or by email if they like.


Fred Hough

Stephen Gustitis said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Fred. I regret those entrusted with protecting our freedoms hold themselves above us.