Tuesday, June 7, 2011

First Step to Client Loyalty

This month's Texas Bar Journal had a great article, by Micah Solomon, on steps toward developing better client loyalty. Much of what Micah concluded were ideas most good business people develop on their own as they gain experience in the business world. This includes criminal defense lawyers, too. In any case, developing better client loyalty means, in the end, the criminal defense client is happier. That's always the goal.

Step One is to remember and acknowledge each client in a way that is personal to them. In other words, treat each client as unique. Micah believes, and I agree, that criminal defense law firms thrive once they dedicate themselves to achieving the effectiveness of a beloved bartender or hairstylist. Remembering something special about each client leads fosters this important relationship.

That's step one. With six more to go, please check in for later thoughts.

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