Monday, June 13, 2011

It's About the First and Last Thing We Do

According to Micah Solomon, psychological studies show our clients remember the first and last thing we say during a meeting or phone call more vividly than anything else. It's the principles of primacy and recency at work during a customer service encounter. Another way of looking at it is whether we, or our support staff, sound interrupted when the client calls. That's the first thing they hear. Wouldn't it sound better if our voices communicated genuine pleasure to hear from them? At the end of a case, what is the last thing the client hears from us? A form letter advising our legal representation agreement is terminated, or genuine thanks for trusting us to provide them such a valuable service?

Criminal defenses attorneys should assure the first and last elements of our client interactions are well-engineered, since they will stick in the client's memory the longest. What our clients remember first, and last, will go far in developing the client loyalty we can be proud of.

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