Monday, October 10, 2011

Often Times It's All About the Energy

Here's an important way to inject YOUR energy into a trial. YOUR energy is important. YOUR energy helps persuade. Trials are often a battle of energy: YOURS v. THEIRS. You are always on the prowl for ways to inject the appropriate energy. Remember this: "You are in charge. From the beginning impress the judge you are not one to be taken lightly. "A fine line between confidence and arrogance. Watch you don't cross into arrogance, you'll lose credibility. "Look at the judge directly. Speak decisively and with authority. "Forget "if it please the court." Address the judge as "judge" and not as "your honor." If you need a moment in the courtroom, take it without asking. "If you want to show a document or piece of evidence to a witness, grab it off the prosecutor's desk and approach the witness, without asking. "If you want to ask some objectionable question on cross-examination, go ahead and ask. "Force them to deal with it. "Act like you're in charge. Doing so injects YOUR energy into the battle. Often times it's all about the energy and the side with the most energy wins."