Sunday, October 2, 2011

You Know What I Miss Most About You?

During my visit to China a few years ago a fabulous Chinese woman, named Louise, was my interpreter. I was there for only a few days but Louise turned out to be so much more. She was my protector, my facilitator, and my friend. In a land truly foreign to me, she helped me succeed and feel safe. I loved her for helping me. In the years to come I agreed to support Louise each month with a small financial contribution to assist in her mission to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout China. Just lately I agreed to continue my financial support and expressed my desire to return to China sometime soon. Following is a quote from her email thanking me:

I pray that Father could arrange time for you to visit China again soon. You know what I miss most about you? Your tight hug! Chinese seldom hug each other, and I'd never been hugged that tight before. :-)

I hope to visit China again to see and hug Louise once more. And to those of you who I've tightly hugged like this . . . ? You know who you are! It's because I love you, too.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the story about Louise, very touching and poignant.

Stephen Gustitis said...

Thank you, for appreciating her story. :-)