Sunday, July 15, 2012

Having Finished a Capital Murder Trial

It's been about two weeks since we finished defending a capital murder case here in Bryan/College Station. My talented co-counsel and I prepared for over a year to defend our client who was charged with quite a heinous murder and aggravated assault. Our defense was unique since we had solid evidence our client was mentally retarded and, therefore, ineligible for the death penalty under Texas and Federal law. 

The jury did not find in our favor, however. But everyone on the defense team deserved much praise and thanks for a job very well done. We were under tremendous pressure and it seemed unending. Everyday there were a 100 moving parts to manage and control. Documents to review, expert witnesses to prepare, subpoenas to serve, client family to tend to . . . in addition to keeping the law practice above water until I could return. My family paid a price, as well. I left before they got up each morning and arrived home after each was already in bed.  It was a lonely time. 

I watched as some of the best cross-examinations I'd ever seen were executed with precision. Thank you, Lane. I knew I could lean on you when the crap hit the fan. That's why I picked you. The capital murder jury selection process was a battle in-and-of itself, too. Days filled with victory and defeat, both at the same time. Every hour a new battle to fight, another juror to save, another juror to get for cause. 

I don't know if I'll ever do another of these. The experience was unequaled. The stakes were at their highest. But the personal cost equally as great. 

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