Monday, July 30, 2012

New Tech Makes For Better Client Service

I enjoy law office management as much as I enjoy practicing criminal defense law in Bryan|College Station. A smooth running and client-centered office depends on the smart use of  technology, as well as the intelligent use of human resources at our disposal. I have a great and loyal staff already. But it was time to take the office tech to a new level. Those of you who know me understand I love Apple computers. I have five of them. I also own an iPhone and iPad. I give Macs away as gifts. Even my beautiful wife is married to her iPad and uses it as her principle means of accessing the Internet. 

This weekend I finished configuring my brand new iMac. It's a beautiful 21.5 inch model with a hybrid hard drive system consisting of a solid state drive, which is home to my operating system and applications, plus a 1TB spinner for my large data files like photos,  videos, and music. The attached 20 inch Cinema Display gives me abundant desktop real estate from which to work on document preparation, view my daily calendar, and answer my emails. 

Why drive a Volkswagen Beetle when you can have a BMW?  That's why I love my new Mac hardware set up. It's blazing fast. It looks good. I "feel" more productive. In fact, I am more productive. I can blaze through my emails (to the delight of those who wait on me to answer).  I am better organized which gives me more time and energy to respond to client needs. In short, it's just more fun to work at the office and provide good legal services to our clients. 


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Stephen Gustitis said...

I'll admit that, Lane! Makes for fun times at my desk.