Friday, August 17, 2012

Rule #9: "Never Go Anywhere Without a Knife"

Ok . . . I admit I borrowed this Rule from Leroy Jethro Gibbs. But what can I say . . . I just love knives. Kershaw assisted-opening knives are some of my favorites. This model, manufactured under the brand Zero Tolerance, is called their 0301 Tactical Folding Knife. This baby is strong, tough and opens like a bazooka. It feels like a tank in my hand. The Tiger stripe on the blade is really an eye catcher, too. This knife is so cool, I rarely use it to cut anything. It's like a new car you're afraid of scratching up. And I DON'T take it to court, for those who were wondering. Most of the time I'll carry it to the office on the weekends, flipping it open and closed as I ponder my next criminal defense strategy. So, for criminal defense lawyers with the need for a strong tactical folder, I highly recommend the Zero Tolerance brand of Kershaw assisted opening knives. 

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