Monday, August 20, 2012

Technology Issues With Brazos County DWI Videos

Following is a letter sent to the Brazos County Attorney, Rod Anderson, explaining some trouble we've had in viewing DWI videos recorded on proprietary video programs used by local law enforcement. If any fellow members of the Bryan|College Station defense bar have similar issues, please contact Rod Anderson to make sure he's aware of the problem. 
There have been some technology issues around town regarding the Insight AV police videos which the College Station Police Department and Brazos County Sheriff's Office use to record DWI stops. I've heard several other defense lawyers articulate problems in viewing these videos on both PCs and Macs. I also have problems viewing these videos and, in fact, hired a computer expert to determine if it was something on my end. The computer expert explained it was the proprietary nature of the software and the "unavailability" of Internet downloadable code-ex to make the program run properly on someone's computer. 
All other videos can be played on programs like Windows Media Player, Quicktime, etc. These programs have available code-ex on the Internet which can be downloaded to make the players work. Code-ex is not readily available for the Insight AV player. Although the player is on Brazos County Secure Share and I've downloaded it, I still cannot get the Insight videos to play reliably. Again, the computer expert says it's a problem with the proprietary code-ex needed. 
Anyway, I wanted to make you aware of this problem. The Brazos County defense bar is, of course, thankful we can get the videos from your office. Also, Secure Share is a great vehicle through which to obtain them. But the "techno-frustrations" are problematic. 
I'm also aware the videos are available to view in the County Attorney's office, but this solution is impractical since most (if not all) of our detailed video review is done after hours and on weekends where regular office distractions can be eliminated, especially in preparation for trial. 
Thanks for your ear, Rod. Please let me know what we can do.

Steve Gustitis


San Antonio DWI Lawyer said...

You have brought up very good details, appreciate it for the post..

Anonymous said...

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Utah Attorney said...

Any progress with this issue? The Utah Highway Patrol also uses this system.

Jayme said...

I work for a criminal defense firm in Arizona, and we've also encountered problems with this technology. I tried updating codecs and running the video files through Windows Media Player to no avail. Finally got it to work by running the program as an administrator.

Anonymous said...

@Jayme: Thank you so much!!! I've been trying to figure this out for several days and your administrator trick worked, trying to open an important video on a double homicide case. Thanks again!!!!

Stephen Gustitis said...

Glad I could help!