Saturday, June 9, 2007

Handling the Media - Be Prepared

The Bryan criminal defense lawyer must always be prepared in advance of talking with the media. Simply, the defense lawyer should know ahead of time what they want (or need) to accomplish for the client before making comments to the press. The lawyer needs a good plan and outline and needs to memorize key points and stick to them. Also, the lawyer needs to anticipate reporter's questions and even practice making comments before going "live" or before giving an interview with a newspaper reporter.

Another key point is always tell the truth. If the press ever catches the lawyer lying the client's interests will suffer and the lawyer's credibility will be damaged, extending far beyond the case at hand. The lawyer wants the press to see them as forthright and honest - rather than someone willing to say anything to win their case, even at their own expense. If a lawyer cannot answer a certain question because it is privileged the lawyer should be prepared to give the reporter a brief explanation.

We will continue to explore how the defense lawyer can represent their client in the press when we look at being polite and available.

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