Friday, June 22, 2007

A Labor of Love

As I finish my week in the office some thoughts occurred to me worth mentioning in public. Since launching The Defense Perspective I realized my colleagues in the bar who actively contribute to discussion and education through publishing their own blogs are deeply involved in a labor of love. These lawyers are making significant contributions to the bar at large and I wanted to acknowledge their effort. I also need to thank them for helping me with The Defense Perspective by mentioning my blog and adding it to their blog rolls.

Thanks to The Austin DWI Lawyer, Jamie Spencer, who writes on a myriad of DWI topics and provided my first plug in his post "Getting Other Lawyers to Link to Your Blog." Thanks to Mark Bennett who can really pick a fight with guys from New York. Mark mentioned The Defense Perspective and gave me a plug in his post "Two More Blawgs for the Blawgroll." Thanks to Gideon for adding me to the blog roll on a public defender. Robert Guest, who authors "I was the State," said I inspired his thoughtful post on "Tougher DWI Laws No Deterrent". And finally, thanks to Evan Schaeffer for mentioning The Defense Perspective on "Evan Schaeffer's Legal Underground."

Lawyers who blog cannot be successful without the help and support of others laboring in love on those topics and issues meaningful to them. I hope you take the time to check out these blogs since they contribute greatly to the bar and benefit us all.

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