Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Handling the Media - An Introduction

The effective criminal defense lawyer must always consider how media coverage can affect their client's interests during the litigation process. Media reporters can be an important tool and ally if used correctly. Consequently, to use the media to his advantage the College Station criminal defense lawyer must understand how it works.

Important use of the press can often assist the lawyer in the following ways. First, press coverage can help an investigator do a better job investigating. In other words, the press can alert possible witnesses or other helpful sources to the fact you are seeking information. As a result, reporters can obtain the names of persons with helpful information who are not associated with the police and who might be willing to assist in the defense investigation.

A second important use of the media is to counter negative publicity coming from law enforcement sources. The defense lawyer wants a balanced treatment of his client's case in the press. If the other side is mounting a media campaign against their client, the responsible defense lawyer has a duty to respond to the attack.

In subsequent posts we will explore the areas in which the defense lawyer can comment in the press. Further, we will explore how the lawyer can prepare to make the best use of the media to zealously represent their client.

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