Thursday, January 31, 2008

Defending Self-Defense Revisted

Yesterday I quoted from the Common Folk blog regarding the protection of our right to self-defense. I admit I might have been somewhat sarcastic in my tone, so in fairness to Common Folk I'll post a part of their comment to my article:
First, my entire post was by Lisa J. Steele from the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. I made absolutely no comment but merely re-posted her thoughts for the purpose of debate. . . . .

It's not so much "shoot first, ask questions later" but rather "all questions have been answered when they threatened me with deadly force, so shoot." Once the aggressor has brandished a device that could harm or kill you, be it a baseball bat or handgun, the innocent victim has the right to defend themselves up to and including responding with deadly force. My handgun sits quietly in my pocket at all times, and I would rather it rust from non-use, but if someone threatens my family or me with harm then, and only then, I will respond with force and with quickness doing all in my power to end the attack, up to and including firing my weapon directly at them.
Common Folk, thanks for your thoughts and input yesterday. Be assured, if you are ever compelled to use deadly force to protect yourself or your family, I'd be one of the first to come to your aid, even if only figuratively.

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