Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sex Offender Registration Information

Following is a letter distributed to District Court Judges in the 2nd Judicial Administrative Region of Texas. The letter is from David Lakey, M.D., the Commissioner of the Texas Council on Sex Offender Treatment. This Counsel is responsible for enforcement of the Texas statute involving the early termination of sex offender registration. Dr. Lakey reports the Texas statute which provides for early termination of sex offender registration is currently non-operational because of an ongoing research study commissioned by the Council. Please click on the letters to gain insight into the nature of this study.

The bottom line? Early termination of registration procedures enacted by the Texas Legislature cannot be implemented until this study is completed and risk assessment tools developed. Someone ought to be raising hell about the delay in getting this study done. Good people who might otherwise be eligible for early termination continue to suffer under the weight of these registration requirements.

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Dennis said...

What does this hold for someone convicted in federal court under federal law seeing that the state years ago passed legislation agreeing to adhere to federal sex offender registration reguirments regarding term length of registration for out of state and federal convictions? Can this delay tactic and added stipulations inacted by DHHS be used to circumvent this provision?