Wednesday, February 27, 2008

In Like a Lion

I feel the trial psychosis creeping up behind me this week as March comes in like a lion. I'm preparing for two jury trials set #1 on the court's docket next month. Next week I try an aggravated robbery case in state court. The issue is guilt or innocence. My client allegedly went into the College Station, Texas State Bank with three cohorts and robbed the tellers at gun point. This is a good case to try and I'm looking forward to the fight. I'll be brawling with accomplice witnesses and I always love cross-examining the snitchs.

After the bank robbery trial I'll have a week to prepare for the next heart-wrencher set in mid-March. Yet another aggravated robbery the prosecutors affectionately call a "home invasion." My client allegedly forced his way into the home of some local drug dealers with an accomplice. There will be much more emotion wrapped-up in this trial. That's all I'll say for now as not to reveal any trial strategy.

Like last fall I'll attempt some live blogging during trial to give insight into the goings-on.

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