Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Mythical Winston Churchill

I'm having fun getting to know fellow Texas lawyer, Brian Cuban, vicariously through Brian Cuban's Blog. Once you get past Brian's sarcasm, he's really quite witty. Check out this post about an educational tragedy.

According to sources (I wish Brian would have cited; hint), 25% of British youth did not believe Winston Churchill existed. When I first read the post I thought the Limey youth did not know who Churchill was, but in fact they believed he was merely a mythical figure.

The reason this post struck home was the regrettable reality many of my criminal defense clients probably don't know who the last two United States Presidents were, let alone a world figure like Winston Churchill. Brian's main point was the failure of an educational system leads down a slippery slope to disenfranchisement. And once disenfranchised, youth would have no problem "turning on their own . . ."

Great insight and a great post. And Brian, do you wonder why Texas history is mandatory in our public school system?? If anarchy is inevitable, we can go back to being our own county.

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