Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jury Selection Pro

An attorney in California offers a product for criminal defense lawyers to help them choose juries more successfully. The San Diego Business Journal tells the story here:
The product, called Jury Selection Pro, consists of preprinted cards with questions and potential responses; grids to help organize notes; references to relevant case law that can be cited as a basis for challenges; and specific legal language that can be useful in an appeal.

Most jury selection products on the market are treatises on jury psychology, which offer little use for the trial practitioner, he said.

“After discussions with other lawyers and my own experience, I came to realize what questions got to the heart of the matter and what answers are easier to challenge,” he said. “This is a practical use and methodology tool.”

Lawyer, Shaun Khojayan, tells more about his product here on video. If "Jury Selection Pro" was simply a tool to organize lawyer notes and thoughts during the stressful and complicated jury selection process, I'd be all for it. But it purports to be more - too much more.

I have not seen the product myself, but Khojayan's video seems to over-simplify the jury selection process and package it like a ham sandwich. I don't buy pre-packaged sandwiches so I won't be dropping $150.00 on Jury Selection Pro. However, it you've got some money to burn it might be interesting to see what Khojayan's got to offer.

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