Thursday, September 20, 2007

Anonymous Criticism

Following is an anonymous email I received today from my business website and my response. I apologize upfront for the edginess of both.

From: "saveyoursoul"
Just to let you know I was very impressed with you until I saw how you proudly state that you represent people accused of having child porn and the examples you give of how you defend sex crimes. You either have no conscious or you are an offender yourself.
To: "saveyoursoul"
Thank goodness I wasn't trying to impress you.

If you are going to criticize me, why do you hide behind an anonymous email and bogus phone number? You obviously lack the courage to stand behind your criticism of me and my profession. If you want to discuss this issue like adults, why don't you call and make an appointment to visit me in the office.

While in the office we can discuss how Christ faced the adulterers, thieves, and every other sinner he came into contact with, which includes you by the way. Christ offered all redemption and forgiveness for those who placed their faith in him. What makes your sin any different, in God's eyes, from the people that I represent? None, I'm afraid.

While in the office we can discuss the civil liberties you enjoy, presumably as a United States citizen. These liberties are the cornerstone of our great democracy. I help protect this democracy by keeping the government in check and fighting for every person I represent, regardless of the crime. Isn't that why we went to war in 1776?

I don't mind being criticized. I do mind being criticized by anonymous emails. So step up to the plate and give me a call.

Stephen Gustitis

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