Thursday, September 27, 2007

Day Two Complete

Attempting to post during trial is very difficult. Lawyers who try cases will tell you that during trial their attention, every minute of the day, is focused upon the trial - its strategy, witnesses, cross-examination, closing arguments, etc. A trial is a living and breathing thing. It rarely goes exactly the way we expect, let alone the way we want. Just like our children!

Day two of trial finished yesterday. I was too tired to post last night. I'm here at the office preparing my closing arguments on punishment and felt good enough to give you some insight into the trial.

As expected the jury found my client guilt yesterday. What was not expected was how long it took them to do it. Forty-five minutes. The case was a lay-down for the State. My client was apprehended less than ten minutes after the burglary and identified by the home owner at the scene of the arrest. DNA evidence from the scene easily tied my client to the home. During a confrontation with the home owner my client was stabbed and left blood all over the place. It was a daytime burglary. My client's physical description and clothes matched exactly what the owner had told the 911 dispatcher. I thought the prosecutor had a 10 minute guilty.

Well, today is another day. Another day to make an impact and have influence. I'll let you know how things went later in the day.

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