Friday, September 14, 2007

Texas A&M Disciplinary Sanctions

Our first look at the Texas A&M Student Conduct System was posted here. The follow-up post on student rights associated with disciplinary hearings was posted here. Today we'll study the potential sanctions resulting from a University Student Conduct Hearing. For a comprehensive list of sanctions look here.

There are primary and secondary sanctions resulting from disciplinary action at Texas A&M University. More than one primary sanction, or any combination of primary and secondary sanctions, can be imposed upon a student. Please note these sanctions are in addition to any punishment assessed by a criminal court.

The most serious sanction is Expulsion from the University. This means the student is never eligible for readmission. Dismissal is a less severe sanction where the student is separated from the University for an indefinite period of time. At the end of the separation period the student may reapply for admission. However, readmission is not guaranteed.

Suspension from the University means the student is separated for a definite period of time. However, just like the dismissal sanction the student is not guaranteed readmission, but only guaranteed a review of the case and a review of the decision regarding readmission. Deferred Suspension means the student is not actually separated from the University but is place on "probation" pending the good conduct of the student. Students on deferred suspension are not in good standing with the University.

Conduct Probation is a common sanction for less serious violations of the Student Conduct Code. This sanction results in an official warning that the student is in violation of the University Student Rules. Students on conduct probation are not in good standing with the University. Conduct Review is like conduct probation except the student remains in good standing. This sanction might require the student to meet with University staff on a regular basis while their conduct is under review.

There are further primary and secondary sanctions that might be imposed upon a student in violation of the Student Conduct Code. If you have questions about these, visit this link. Needless to say, none of these sanction options are a good choice for the aspiring young college student. So next week we'll talk about avoiding trouble with the University and local law enforcement.

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