Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Trial Day

The night before a trial is never a restful one for me. Regardless of the trial's complexity I still find myself waking up in the middle of the night evaluating and re-evaluating my strategy for the coming day.

Last night was no exception. I was up at 3:50 am fine-tuning my jury selection questions as I watched the alarm clock tick away. I was hoping to fall back asleep before it was time to get up. No such luck. I turned off the alarm an hour early and got ready to come into the office. Alas, the life of the criminal defense lawyer.

Jury selection should take most of the morning. I hope to find a jury receptive to my theory of the case and open minded. After lunch I expect the judge to hear and rule on the motions to suppress we filed earlier. I don't expect to win these, but it gives me a chance to hear much of the evidence before the jury does. Consequently, it helps me to improve my cross-examinations for when the witnesses testify before the jury.

See you soon.

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