Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Accomplice Witness Testimony

The State offered the testimony of the bank robbery victim, security officer, and one of the accomplice witnesses this morning. An important aspect of Texas law is the requirement that any accomplice witness testimony be corroborated by an outside source. That is, in Texas the accused cannot be convicted by accomplice witness testimony alone. Other evidence must exist, independent of the accomplice, that tends to connect the accused to the crime. Multiple accomplices cannot corroborate eachother.

I expect all three accomplices to testify in the trial and accuse my client of being an actor in the robbery. The weakness in the State's case will be other evidence tending to connect my client to the crime. Yesterday in jury selection the jurors committed to the notion that they determine what evidence sufficiently corroborates the snitch testimony. They understand they're not bound by the prosecutor's theory.

Anyway, trials are always tough. This is another long day in the saddle.

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