Thursday, March 6, 2008

Snitches Galore

Another accomplice testified yesterday afternoon. I liked him even though he was lying like hell. At the time of his arrest he never implicated my client in the robbery. It wasn't until 18 months later that he told any authorities my client was involved. Only then after the DA and FBI threatened him with 50 years in the pen. Clearly, the accomplice's deal to protect himself hinged on his testimony against my client. No testimony - no deal. Luckily, we had a letter written by the accomplice expressing his fears of losing out on this sweet plea unless he testified.

Also during yesterday's testimony the government admitted cellular phone records they claimed tied my client to the crime scene. No way. Although the records showed a phone allegedly subscribed to by my client was used during the bank robbery, no evidence showed my client was EVER in possession of it. In fact, the accomplice testified my client had 2 cell phones which he allowed his friends to borrow. The prosecutors spent about 2.0 hours of the jury's time showing them they had no idea whether my client was within a mile of the phone during the robbery.

Today I expect Mr. Big to testify for the State. He's an important accomplice witness and can help my defense. Sorry I can't say more lest my adversaries are reading this post.

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