Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Why Not Just Burn The Money

Brian Cuban reports:
It looks like former New England Patriot film guy turned government rat, Matt Walsh, may be ready to spill his guts to the federal government. Not quite the Valachi Papers or Donnie Brasco, but another sports scandal distraction for us all to roll our eyes at and watch the government cash registers “chi-ching” away at all the wasted tax dollars.
I'm with Brian. I tire of the mileage D.C. politicians attempt to mine off these investigations. I like his theory the prosecutors and elected officials are getting “per subpoena” bonuses for all the time and money they are wasting to get their sorry mugs into the most recent news cycle. If I may quote Brian one more time to echo his thoughts:
If I read one thing about a congressional investigation or grand jury subpoenas with regard to the New England Patriots taping scandal I’m going to puke . . . Every time I pick up the papers some grand jury or Senate Committee is being convened to spend millions of dollars in taxpayer money on issues that are absolutely trivial in the grand scheme of issues that affect our lives….

Ditto . . .

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