Monday, March 17, 2008

Travis Bryan, III Makes Brazos County History

History was made this morning as Travis Bryan, III was sworn in as judge of the 272nd Judicial District Court of Brazos County, Texas. Judge Bryan is the 4th judge to hold this post following Judge Brad Smith, Judge John Delaney, and Judge Rick Davis. Bryan was appointed by Governor Rick Perry to replace Judge Davis who recently resigned to run for Brazos County District Attorney. Bryan won the Republican primary in early March and was unopposed on the Democratic ticket. His early appointment to the bench made perfect sense since he'd be sworn in next January after the general election anyway.

The swearing-in ceremony lasted just shy of an hour. The courtroom was packed - standing room only. Leaders from the community were present. Members of Travis' family were all attending as well as judges from other jurisdictions who came to celebrate this wonderful moment with their long-time friend and colleague .

A moment like this comes once in a lifetime - if we're lucky. Our friends reflecting on relationships having lasted for decades. Supportive families, ultimately responsible for our life's successes, recognized as instrumental in all this new day would bring . . . Stories about experiences from both sides of the bar which inspire and spur our audience on to greater service themselves.

Travis' speech was simply inspiring. Dedication. Faith. Fairness. A new beginning. I was so excited for him. A singular moment he may never experience again. I was honored to be a part of this historic moment for Brazos County. Travis is my friend and brother in faith. I wish him well.

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